About Our Company

Since 2005, Kabar Media has been providing multilingual publishing and communication services. It all started with developing and publishing a magazine about Indonesia that showcased the country's people and places; a process we enjoyed so much that when other people started to ask us to develop content for them, we couldn't resist.

Our Network

We love to collaborate. Together with our design partner, Russell and Rizky, we seek to push the boundaries of what our clients believe is possible. Our motto is that anything we can do, we can do better through collaboration.

Connect With Us

We're very social people in the real world, and sometimes online too:

Our Skills

We are restless, eternal students, always looking for ways to improve our existing skills or learn brand new ones. At the moment, here are some of the things we can do rather well:

  • Content Development 90%

  • Design 92%

  • Publishing 95%

  • Digital 92%

  • Film 88%

  • Branding 90%