Mountains More Ancient

(Kabar Media 2022)

“Isna Marifa has extended the geographical and emotional reach of the modern Indonesian novel. The result is an original and captivating story that has launched the career of a new and promising literary voice.”

It is 1751, and nine-year-old Wulan finds herself half a world away from her home in Java: torn from her adored grandparents, her chattering cousins, the sounds and smells of the landscape that she loves. She and her father, Parto, are enslaved on a Cape Colony farmstead, with little hope of returning home. In this new world they hold fast to their Javanese identity and beliefs while, through their shared suffering, they forge bonds with the multicultural community whose descendants would come to be known as the Cape Malays.



The Years of Building Dangerously (Kabar Media 2018)

“A sophisticated architectural “coffee table book” that works more like a snapshot of a larger project to write a social history.” New Mandala

“Like biting into a durian: Indonesia’s weird architecture of the ’50s and ’60s.” The Sydney Morning Herald

Other Books

The Banda Islands

An anthology of art, photography, travelogue and fiction inspired by Indonesia's storied Spice Islands.

Buku Kuku-Ku

Part memoir, part fantasy, a story of the land of Dasuatika and a lonely prince's quest to find his lost father.

The Little Star

Why does the little star find it so hard to shine? To fulfil his destiny and find his power, he must learn that the 'why' is just as important as the 'how'.

Asian Anthologies

Unheard voices and evocative tales from a vast and fascinating continent: each anthology is a journey of discovery in the company of master storytellers.


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Our group has collaborated with them over many years on a variety of communication projects, including the video profile Innovative Developments in 2012. We have found them to be professional collaborators, understanding our objectives, responsive to our needs, and exhibiting a personal commitment to the success of each project.

- Ciputra Group


It's always a pleasure to work with Avi and his team. From the beginning, they've had a deep understanding of the issues at stake in ASEAN and of our values as an organisation. They are enthusiastic and insightful, helping us to create materials that draw awareness and attention to our work and make it accessible for a general audience. 



We were satisfied both with the results produced and with the experience of working with Avi and his team. Their dedicated and professional approach, their spirit of collaboration, and the degree to which they were also invested in the success of this project instilled confidence from the beginning.

- ASEAN Secretariat

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