Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.


– Alan Kay, VP of the Walt Disney Company

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Moving Pictures

Share Your Stories Through Videos, Explainers, and Branded Films

Visual storytelling is a powerful medium, both immediately engaging and enduringly memorable.

Together, we discover your story and take your audience on a journey, combining voice, text, visuals, and music to tell multilayered stories that connect with audiences, engaging multiple senses to educate, explain, and inform.


Innovative Developments tells the story of Ciputra, self-made businessman, investor, philanthropist, champion of the arts, and founder of one of Indonesia’s largest real estate companies. This is a profile of a man driven by an entrepreneurial vision of himself and his country, a man who dreamed that Indonesia could one day become ‘a nation of entrepreneurs’.

the asean prize

The ASEAN Prize is a regional award that recognizes the inspiring achievements of ASEAN citizens or ASEAN-based organizations who have made a significant contribution to the region. Our goal was to create a call for nominations for the ASEAN Prize that raises awareness of the prize itself, and motivates people to nominate the inspiring individuals and groups who are working across the region in ways that contribute significantly to community building and regional integration.

alam sutera: building better lives

In Alam Sutera: Building Better Lives, we explored this unique township to the west of Jakarta, and the company behind it.

We conducted extensive research and interviews to discover the core philosophy at the heart of the township development, the values driving board members and management, and the perspectives of the residents and tenants.

10 years of eria 

To commemorate its ten-year anniversary, ERIA wanted to create a video highlighting milestones, achievements, and the key projects the institution had undertaken in the 10 years of its existence, including work in research, policy design, and capacity building. We conducted interviews with key figures who had been involved with ERIA through the years and developed a script that incorporated their input as well as highlighting specific details of ERIA’s work.


The purpose of this video was to highlight the significance of ERIA’s work in ASEAN, especially in connection with their ASEAN@50 project. The video was created for the ASEAN Business Investment Summit in Manila, with a high level audience of business and government leaders, from Asia and also from the US and EU. The message was that ASEAN was fulfilling its goals so far, and in addition, the video highlighted key hopes and aspirations of the ASEAN people. 

asean ipr explainer 

The goal of the ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk was to provide European SMEs both with access to expertise and with a foundational knowledge of intellectual property systems in the countries of Southeast Asia. One of the initial tasks was to raise awareness both of the IPR issues in the region and of the role of the Helpdesk. We created an animation that explained the fundamental issues at stake and positioned the Helpdesk as a valuable resource for European SMEs. This was screened at events across the region and also used as an online resource.

Film & Animation

Explainer Videos

Making Concepts Clear and Simple

Do you need to explain complex concepts to a non-expert audience, introduce new techniques or technologies, walk audiences through a new development or infrastructure, or simply explain the essence of what your organisation does?

Explainers and animations are a great way to make complex ideas easily understood. We work with you to define key messages and create the most effective style and visuals to communicate them to your audience.