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For Authors

Share Your Story

At Kabar Media, we work with you closely to publish the story you’re burning to tell – at any stage of development and whether intended just for family and friends or to be shared with the world at large.

You may work with words or perhaps you tell your stories through images — in either case, we find the medium most suited to expressing the uniqueness of your vision, whatever the genre.

Publishing Services

For Organisations

As an organisation, your story is one of your greatest assets: it can persuade your audience, preserve your reputation, and reach out to new partners and supporters who see their values reflected in yours.

We work across channels to tell stories about businesses and institutions that illuminate their purpose and present empathetic insights into their activities, getting to the heart of each organisation through research and interviews and creating text, photography, and film that memorably express their identity and ethos.

Publishing Services

Content Development

From Concept to Final Draft

Taking communication ideas all the way from concept to conclusion, we conduct research and interviews, often translating from multiple languages, and we determine the optimal medium and type of content to be tailored to specific audiences.

We work closely with clients to create targeted content strategies, developing books, factual films, informational materials, and online and offline campaigns.

Publishing Services

Quality Production

Printing is a costly, time-consuming, and effortful process — so why not ensure the best results?

At Kabar Media, we care about the details. From paper selection to pre-press, final proofs, colour grading, finishing, and binding, we oversee each print production from start to finish. This involves meticulous, in-person monitoring of the entire process, in close collaboration with our carefully selected printing partners, whether in Jakarta, Singapore, or Hong Kong.


Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.

– Alan Kay, VP of the Walt Disney Company

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